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XL NAIVE PAINTING BY Hanneke van de Pol

Hanneke van de Pol is a highly talented and versatile designer, artist, and entrepreneur who has made a name for herself in various art and design disciplines. With a passion for creating works that evoke a sense of history and nostalgia,  her works of art, showcase her exceptional creativity and attention to historical detail. In addition to her expression in art, she has successfully established her own wallpaper brand and showroom in the Fashion district in Arnhem, where she works with clients on high-end interiors and artistic projects. Hanneke is a true artist at heart, utilizing a variety of techniques, from classic painting techniques, screenprinting, photography to artificial intelligence tools, to create breathtaking works of art. With a focus on quality, materials, textures and her attention to every detail, the works she creates on are evoking a magical and timeless atmosphere. Hanneke's atelier is open by appointment only, ensuring that each client receives the personalized attention they deserve.


XL posters Naive art

XL poster Hanneke van de Pol

XL NAIVE POSTER Hanneke van de Pol

XL NAIVE POSTER Hanneke van de Pol

XL NAIVE POSTER Hanneke van de Pol




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