Transhuman Art Project

New works by Hanneke van de Pol

The idea of technologically enhancing our bodies is not new. In the past, we made devices such as wooden legs, hearing aids, spectacles and false teeth. In future, we might use implants to augment our senses so we can detect infrared or ultraviolet radiation directly or boost our cognitive processes by connecting ourselves to memory chips. Those new technologies can be scary if they will replace parts of our human bodies and change the way we function.

In the new serie called ‘Transhuman Dance’, Hanneke van de Pol symbolises how the ‘old’ and ‘new’ world are merging, like dancers in a play. Dutch designer Hanneke van de Pol is fascinated by new technologies. She implements all her ‘old’ skills as a designer, painter and sculpter to create new works. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, she is now able to unfold her ideas in a way, never before was possible.

All artworks are for sale. Contact studio for more information.