The Strombolian collection

Completely Immersed in arts, painting photography, history and graphic design from a young age, it didn’t take long before realising the life path of Hanneke van de Pol (52) was that of a creative one. Her life slogan and catchphrase ‘imagine everything…’ came after many years of studying classic art, painting and exploring many design disciplines.

Understanding that we create our reality ourselves by thinking, dreaming and learning new skills, she discovered that her opportunities as a artist are expanding at the same speed of light with new technologies like artificial intelligence available. Tapping into this collective buzz and engaging with the world around, she created a new collection of artworks called The Strombolian collection.

“Capturing the moment, where new life is unfolding and the old ‘normal’ is frozen in time is magic.”

Her main focus as a artist and designer is turning visions, ideas and thoughts into elaborate, new works of art. With AI and 3D sculpting, she is able to realise her dreams and be a artist that creates ripples in an ever changing world. The Strombolian collection is inspired by nature, future technology and humans interacting with both. These eruptions (forced changes) are translated to fragile porcelain objects, that show how fragile we have become.