Facade Design

What if art, architecture and advertising come together? That is what happens in Hanneke van de Pol’s artwork. She made the work in 2011 for housing corporation Volkshuisvesting,

Old and new Klarendal

The idea was to clearly mark the route of the fashion quarter and connect the old and new Klarendal. Hanneke makes a mural where the building, the pattern of the wall coincides perfectly with the advertising. By simply painting the bricks in two muted colors, she names the entrepreneurs of the Klarendalseweg. A wobbly pattern is created that is legible.

‘Warehouse advertising’

Van de Pol makes – what she calls – a kind of ‘warehouse advertisement’ for small businesses, advertising for brick architecture. Advertising for the arts. That’s a quality. It is a monument to the entrepreneurs who were there, who are there; the bakery, butcher, the cafe.

It is a public favourite, and rightly so, because when a work of art is appreciated by all walks of life, that is also a quality. A very rare quality.